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- Phoenix Music Beat Examiner - Those vibrant young people may be dead, but Mergence is definitely not: Goosebumps and Jack Daniels. That’s what I was in possession of after the second song performed by Mergence. No, the goosebumps weren’t from the whiskey; they were from hearing the Tempe-based quartet’s debut album...(click for more) -

- AZ Music Connect - CD Review Stellar Debut: Local music tends to be less polished and a little more ‘home-made' than the stuff that big name record companies pump out. For the Tempe based indie/blues rockers Mergence, this isn't the case...(click for more) -

- Electric Mustache - "Me & My Family vs. the Robots": Even though their newest album Those Vibrant Young People Are Dead came out on Jan 1st. I didn't get around to listening to it till the last few days. I have to say that it's spot on good. Really good in fact. I even stopped listening to YUCK for a couple days, that is how good it is...(click for more) -

- Yab Yum - CD Review Mergence: Using rock techniques stretching from its roots in blues to its most recent surge in the mid 2000s, the band asserts that the vibrant feelings of youth are far from their deathbed...(click for more) -

- College Times - CD Review Local Awesomeness: Using our powers of prediction, Mergence is the next on the list to make it big. It's filthy, sweaty and, at times, disgusting. But you love it all the same. It's the kind of sex you just can't wash off...(click for more) -

- Dose of Rock - Vlog Mergence’s CD Release Show: There’s no other way I’d spend my Friday, February 4, then at the Sail Inn for Mergence’s CD Release Show...(click for more) -
- PHX New Times - Interview Mergence Keeps It Weird with Communes, Nomads, and Robots: "Since forming in 2008, the group relentlessly has promoted its music, evidenced by the band's cult following, who eagerly push the band [...] Most fans argue the band's live show surpasses the sound of their album.” for more) -

- 944 - Interview: “Our goal is to be career musicians,” says Adam Bruce, the vocalist, writer and de facto leader of the four-member group, while taking a break from setting up for the night’s performance. “We’re not looking to have day jobs, we just want to record music.” for more) -

- Java - Interview: ...indeed they will and for the next 39 minutes of your life, you too will sail away as you enter the world for more) -

- New Times - Interview Mergence Discusses New Album, Recording with Bob Hoag, and Local Shows: We recently caught up with Mergence's singer, Adam Bruce to talk about the new album, Flying Blanket Studios, and local music...(click for more) -

- AZ Music Connect - Mergence Howls the Blues of the Valley: The Tempe based quartet known as Mergence is just about to make its way into the music industry. The band is set to release their debut album... (click for more) -

- College Times - Mergence have trust issues: These Tempe-based blues rockers will do their best to protect you from the robots and the groupthink of the mainstream. ...(click for more) -

- East Valley Tribune - Mergence CD Release Concert: Mergence gears up to release their debut album and command an army of vibrant young fans along the way...(click for more) -

- Flagstaff Live - Prepare to Merge: True to their name, Tempe-based band Mergence believes in uniting the creativity and styles of their members to create a cohesive roots-rock style...(click for more) -